BARKA, the new show by Girovago Productions, from July 6-17 at La TOHU’s Big Top

BARKA is a celebration of life and a call to hope and freedom that will be presented at La TOHU’s Big Top from July 6 to 17 as part of the Montréal Complètement Cirque festival.

BARKA is an independent production where Afro-Colombian percussion, Balkan melodies, dance and circus merrily intertwine in a show full of delirious energy and aural, visual and sensory richness. The show was produced by Productions Girovago, with direction and staging by Patrick Léonard and Ricard Soler Mallol. Together they created a beautiful harmony of circus, dance and the music of Gypsy Kumbia Orchestra

BARKA uses the boat as a metaphor for a humanity in search of going faster, higher, further, without consideration for the great debacle that ensues. Wouldn’t the euphoria sought be just as exhilarating on a more modest boat? GIROVAGO offers you a dancing circus filled with hope in a world where degrowth will become our best ally“.
Patrick Léonard, co-founder and co-artistic director of Les 7 Doigts

It doesn’t matter where you come from, whether you are a loner, a dreamer or a passionate person. Come on in! Come on board! In this boat there is room for everyone. We like to celebrate who we are. We invite you to sail together, to think again about how to keep BARKA, our boat, from sinking. Perhaps we need a less ostentatious boat? Because without a boat we will be no more and we like to celebrate the fact that we are, that life is a dream… “                                                                                                

Ricard Soler Mallol, director and playwright.

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