Dillon Francis and Illenium unveil “Don’t Let Me Let Go” video

Superstar producers, songwriters and DJs Dillon Francis and Illenium unveil the video for their first ever collaboration today, “Don’t Let Me Let Go,” featuring rising star EVAN GIIA.

The long-awaited track arrives via Astralwerks, the label to which Francis recently signed, and has become a fan favourite as all three artists have teased it in live sets and online over the past several months. “Don’t Let Me Let Go” serves as the first taste of Dillon’s forthcoming This Mixtape Is Fire TOO, a sequel to 2015’s This Mixtape Is Fire which featured collaborations with Calvin Harris, Skrillex Kygo, Chromeo and more.

“I wanted to make a video as if Emmy was my daughter and asked me, her dear old dad, to make a music video for her favourite song,” Francis says. “I said yes on one condition: I have to be in it and we have to use all my businesses as the locations. And my shaman has to be in it. I guess that’s two conditions. Also, I have no rhythm.”

Dillon Francis has been making waves in dance music and beyond for more than a decade, bursting onto the scene in the early 2010s with a series of underground hits. He’s released a number of widely acclaimed full length projects, including the 2014 major label debut Money Sucks, Friends Rule, 2015’s This Mixtape Is Fire—a Billboard Top Dance/Electronic Albums Chart #1, 2018’s WUT WUT—a Spanish-language LP featuring some of the biggest names in Latin music, the 2019 mixtape Magic Is Real and, most recently, the critically acclaimed house album Happy Machine in 2021.

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