AU CRÉPUSCULE (AT DUSK) by Miryam Charles – World Premiere at the Locarno Film Festival

A new short film directed by Miryam Charles

Based on the novel Déterrer les os by Fanie Demeule

World Premiere at the Locarno Film Festival

The short film Au crépuscule (At Dusk) directed by Miryam Charles and produced by Karine Bélanger. Co-written by Fanie Demeule and Miryam Charles, this adaptation of Demeule’s novel Déterrer les os (éditions Hamac)will have its World Premiere at the 75th Locarno International Film Festival, which will take place from August 3 to 13 in Switzerland.

This new film from Miryam Charles (Second GenerationDrei AtlasSong for the New World) staring Leia Scott, Cindy Charles, Eve Duranceau and Madani Tall will be presented in the “Corti d’autore competition, a new section of the festival created in 2021 to showcase short films by established international auteurs.

This prestigious Locarno selection follows the presentation of the filmmaker’s debut feature, Cette maison (This House), at the Berlinale earlier this year.

designed by Sarah Warren

On a class trip into the woods, Charlotte is confronted with her inner demons. Venturing alone into the icy forest, away from the pressure of the group and the obligation to eat, Charlotte will have to face her biggest battle yet, the one against her eating disorder.


Fiction. Québec/Canada. 2022. 17 minutes. Original French version with English subtitles.

Direction: Miryam Charles | Screenplay: Fanie Demeule, Miryam Charles | Cinematography: Isabelle Stachtchenko | Artistic Direction: Gabrielle Bossé-Beal | Costumes: George Michael Fanfan | Sound: Tiago McNicoll Castro Lopes | Editing: Myriam Magassouba | Sound Design: Olivier Calvert | Mix: Isabelle Lussier | Music: Stéphanie Hamelin Tomala | Cast: Avec Leia Scott Ellen, Cindy Charles, Eve Duranceau and Madani Tall | Producer: Karine Bélanger | Executive producer: Arianne Sahlin-Kuyk |

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