Batwoman: The Third and Final Season – Blu-ray Edition

Different day, same crap. At least if you are talking about Batwoman (played by Ryan Wilder). No matter how many bad guys she catches another three seem to pop up. This season she is leading a team to go up against the villains made due to the weapons lost in Gotham River at the end of season two. Batwoman is going up against them with Alice (played by Rachel Skartsen) at her side.

Most of the reason the show lasted three seasons is due to the association with Batman. I guess they were hoping that it would find its way. Get better. Though that did happen season three is the last.

That is too bad because although seasons one and two were car wrecks, this one was not half bad. We get some stories that make sense and a satisfying character arc or two. I like the darker moments; they really work with the character. Stays true to the tone of the comics. Too bad it did not get to this place earlier…might have saved the show.

Special Features and Technical Specs:

  • Deleted Scenes
  • Gag Real
  • Batwing: A Hero’s Journey
  • Digital Copy

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