Guards (CULTS) “All I Have to Do is Dream” [Everly Brothers Cover] For Aug 18th/NEW LP

More Cover Songs LP Due 8/2 via CGR

LISTEN: Guards – “All I Have to Do is Dream”
LISTEN: Guards – “Just Like Heaven”
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LISTEN: Guards – “Everything I Wanted” (ft. Madeline Follin)

NYC Indie rock stalwarts Guards have shared a cover of The Everly Brothers’ “All I Have to Do is Dream,” the latest single off their brand new covers album, More Cover Songs, due August 2 via CGR.

Speaking on their latest single, Richie Follin wrote:

“The Everly Brothers are one of our biggest inspirations for melody and straightforward songwriting. This song always seemed way ahead of its time while somehow being of that exact moment. I think the really special artists are the ones that inspire the artists that inspire even more artists to become artists…they are that kind of special artist. The slow songs are always harder to cover because you can’t hide behind the energy, but this cover felt natural and we were able to do some fun things on it.”

Guards started recording this covers album at the beginning of the pandemic, and found it to be a never-ending task of pure enjoyment during the dark days.

“We made a long long list of songs we would like to try and some proved easier to make our own than others, but in the end, the album ended up consisting of the songs we thought we were able to shape into our sound. The problem with covering songs by bands that really influence us is they end up sounding quite similar to the original haha. This was one of the most fun albums I have ever made because essentially you are celebrating these artists you love and it reinforces the whole reason we love playing music in the first place,” said Follin of the covers album.  

Recorded partly in LA at Follin’s home studio and partly in NY at Loren’s studio Diamond Mine. The album was mixed by Adam Thein in Austin, Texas.

As of late, Richie has been focusing his energy on a feature film project, and Loren recently co-produced the forthcoming Arctic Monkeys LP and tracks on Lana Del Rey’s last two albums. But this covers LP brought them back together as a labour of love.
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