🌊 World Premiere of local horror short WHERE THE WITCH LIVES at Fantasia 2022

Haunting horror short WHERE THE WITCH LIVES to screen in

Fantasia Septentrion Shadows Program

World Premiere of Mariel Sharp’s gothic family horror

After winning the Gold Audience Award for the Best Canadian Short in 2020 with Don’t Text Back, Mariel Sharp will be back at Fantasia this summer to present the World Premiere of her latest chilling short  WHERE THE WITCH LIVES, produced by Maude Michaud (Quirk Films) and distributed by Films du 3 Mars.

After moving into an old isolated house with her newly-single mother and her little sister, 12-year-old Cassie begins to suspect that her family is being tormented by the spirit of a sadistic River Witch.

Shot on location in a gothic mansion in rural Quebec, WHERE THE WITCH LIVES is a twisted coming of age story carried by a talented crew of primarily women and lgbtq+ artists.

The film stars Lake Delisle (Blood Quantum, Rustic Oracle), Catherine Bérubé (Cold), and features Margaux Vaillaincourt and Alex Rice (The Twilight Saga).

WHERE THE WITCH LIVES will be presented with the feature film DARK NATURE (d. Berkley Brady) as part of the Septentrion Shadows Program on Monday July 18th at 9:30pm.

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