The awaited Alaskan Truck Simulator demo is out! Be a trucker, not a truck

The game is developed by Road Studio and published by Movie Games. The target release window for PC is late 2022, with PS and Xbox ports to come later.

This long-awaited simulator, May’s #98 most wish-listed game on Steam, lets you be a trucker, not a truck. Step out of the vehicle and live in the huge, open world of Alaska.

Download the demo on Steam

Demo features

  • Ca. 45-minute opening haul
  • World interactivity in and out of the truck
  • Available map inspired by the Cantwell area (approx. 10% of the full game map)
  • Winter setting (all seasons available in the full game)
  • Scripted weather & day/night cycle (dynamic conditions available in the full game)
Be a trucker, not a truck!
You are a real person behind the wheel. Explore the basic needs of both man and machine. You will need to pay attention to the stats management and the condition of your vehicle. You can become hungry or tired – so you need to eat and sleep. Your truck needs maintenance too – fuel it, change oil, put on chains in winter. 

Take care of all the difficulties you can encounter on the road!

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