25 years! A quarter century! Amazing how time flies! And amazing that Kenan Thompson has been around that long! A special edition steelbook blu-ray version has been released of Good Burger to commemorate its 25th anniversary. Pick it up and take in this blast from the past.

Like most films of this genre (comedy), the story is quite simple. Really it is just there to set up the laughs. The laughs come courtesy of the pairing of Kenan and Kel Mitchell. Good Burger came out of a Nickelodeon sketch on the series, All That.

Here the future of the small burger joint, Good Burger, seems to be in jeopardy when the mega chain Mondo Burger opens up across the street. Mondo Burger people discover how much people love the secret sauce at Good Burger so plot to steal the recipe. Good Burger employees Ed (played by Kel Mitchell) and Dexter (played by Kenan Thompson) decide to fight on behalf of their place of work. A burger war ensues.

Expect a silly comedy and you won’t be disappointed. Even going in with lower expectations it will be difficult to enjoy Brian Robbins’ film. There are not many brains to be found here. I mean, the most quoted line is probably “Welcome to Good Burger, home of the Good Burger.┬áMay I take your order?”

That being said, people who watched it back in 1997 might have a special place in their hearts (and funny bones) for the film. Those people will probably still like it. For those seeing it today for the first time, it will seem like a weak ass attempt at an SNL skit. You might have to be stoned like Ed, to enjoy it.

Keep eyes peeled for cameo appearances by Shaquille O’Neal, Sinbad, Abe Vigoda, Linda Cardellini, Robert Wuhl, and George Clinton.

Special Features:

-Digital Copy

-Original Good Burger Sketch From All That (1994)