Star Strikers: Galactic Soccer, a hand-drawn 2D football set in spaaaaace, will bring couch & online arcade fun to PC! Face teams from all over the universe in a tournament to decide the fate of Earth. This fast-paced game for 1-2 players is coming to Steam in 2023. Developed by Goat Gamez and Lunic Games, published by Movie Games.

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Lead your team in a tournament where the prize is the future of your own planet! 8 best players from 8 different worlds. Each with different powers. Each with their own team of robo players. Which one will you become? 

Lead a team as an electrifying techno-cat. Face hot-blooded Vikings from an ice planet. Team up with the mighty molluscs of the Space Ocean. Or play defence with a four-handed goalie. Find the best captain for your tactics!

Discover Star Powers and enjoy the incredible spectacle that ensues. Learn how to use them to your advantage, and dominate the field. Every character is available in two versions: Light and Dark. Each comes with different Star Powers and leads to a different ending. Compete in the galactic tournament against the A.I. or invite a friend! Play multiplayer locally or online in exciting 1vs1 matches. Check out the Randomizer Mode for extra modifiers that will spice up your experience.


  • Thrilling, lightning-fast matches of galactic soccer
  • Single-player and local & online multiplayer modes
  • Tournament mode with a story of epic proportions
  • Randomizer Mode with surprising game modifiers
  • 8 unique captains, each in Light and Dark version
  • 16 Star Power abilities for tactical use
  • Beautiful hand-drawn visuals

Star Strikers: Galactic Soccer is coming to PC in 2023. Wishlist now on Steam.