Written and Directed by: Anoop Rangi

Starring: Megha Sandhu, Kavi Raz, Balinder Johal, Jordan Williams

Twenty-three-year-old Kamali Matthu is loving life. She’s finishing up school, works retail at ‘Bikini World’ and has a steady white boyfriend, Clive. Kamali’s life is turned upside down though when she returns home to find an engagement party for her. Her parents have made the arrangement with a well-to-do engineering family, with her new groom to be, Rotoo, a budding sanitation engineer. Kamali is horrified by this attack on her sovereignty and becomes physically ill at the thought of Rotoo, who she views as nothing more than a nerd.

Kamali runs away from home and into the comforting arms of her boyfriend and friends. Both her freedom and safety are short-lived. When she refuses to return home, Kamali’s Father vows that he will stop at nothing to ensure the wedding goes ahead and vows vengeance on anyone who tries to stop it.