Sometimes with films, you get exactly what you were expecting. Once you see who is in it and then watch the trailer the ensuing film is not a shock. The Lost City with Sandra Bullock, Channing Tatum and Daniel Radcliffe is as light as air and fluffy as a puppy. An unfortunate combo is that it often is not as fun as a puppy. But in all honesty, isn’t that also what you expected?

A romantic comedy featuring a crazy and obsessed billionaire (played by Daniel Radcliffe) who kidnaps a reclusive romance novelist (played by Sandra Bullock) and a hunky cover model (played by Channing Tatum) who tries to show he is more than what people think of him by attempting to rescue her. Simple story with some action and plenty of attempts at laughs.

Now, if you have followed Sandra Bullock’s career at all then you are well aware that she has done many of this type of film. She slips into the genre of romantic comedy like it is a comfortable slipper. She can do this in her sleep. Even the recluse part of her character she has done before in The Net. Plus, who can do a beautiful hunk of man but a little dense character better than Channing Tatum? So it seems like our two leads are slotted perfectly. So why is this film a disappointment?

Well, there are several reasons. One being the predictability factor and the other the feeling like it is totally forced. Plus, Daniel Radcliffe (while I do applaud him for branching out and trying something different) is terribly miscast as the wacky villain. Oh, and there is the fact that Bullock and Tatum have precious little chemistry.

It is obvious they were attempting a kind of update of the 80s hit romantic adventure comedy, Romancing the Stone. Well, this is no Kathleen Turner-Michael Douglas fun romp through the jungle. Though it has borrowed heavily from that romantic-adventure-comedy film as well as others. Meaning that there is a dearth of original ideas here.

You do get five minutes of Brad Pitt which is rather fantastic. But, unfortunately, a case of too little way too late. More misses than hits.

Special Features:

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  • Deleted Scenes
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  • Dynamic Duo
  • Location Profile
  • Jungle Rescue
  • The Jumpsuit
  • Charcuterie
  • The Villains of The Lost City
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