Françoise de Luca’s La jeune fille à la tresse, in bookstores

Editions Marchand de Feuilles has announced that the book La jeune fille à la bresse is now available in bookstores. Written by author Françoise de Luca, it is a novel inspired by a true story that tells the story of the Second World War from the point of view of women.

At the end of the 1930s, Liliane and Solange lived a close friendship. Rebellious and luminous, Solange sometimes helps her parents, Polish Jews, to sell their hats in the markets. In contact with her friend, Liliane, an inconsolated young girl from an unstimulating background, discovers a whole world of freedom, love and respect. When war broke out, Solange entered the Resistance in her own way: by organizing the silent protest of elegant women at a time that advocated the natural woman and the stay-at-home mother, according to Pétain’s ideal. During this period, the two friends follow paths that sometimes intersect and sometimes deviate, but which contribute to consolidating friendship even through memory. The novel shows that sometimes memories act in our lives as miracles.

Françoise de Luca is the author of three other novels, including Pascale – republished under the title Reine –, a finalist for the Prix Anne-Hébert and the Prix des Libraires, and Sèna, a finalist for the Governor General’s Award.

Published by Marchand de Feuilles, this 302-page book is available in bookstores for $28.95.