Photo credit: Audrey Mc Mahon 

Canadians throw away more than 3 million tonnes of plastic waste each year. Only 9% is recycled, while the rest goes to landfill. Determined to change the world, one reusable paper towel at a time, the KLIIN team pursues its ecological mission by developing responsible alternatives, including the Twist & KLIIN range of concentrated bio-cleaners in capsules, which aims to reduce the use of single-use plastic by encouraging people to reuse their bottles, again and again.

Hyper-efficient and highly biodegradable, Twist & KLIIN differ from other concentrated options by its formulas prepared according to the biotechnology approach, which is entirely safe for humans and the environment. The principle? The solutions contain 100% natural enzymes and microorganisms that work to break down organic matter.

Like the KLIIN reusable paper towel, which replaces the equivalent of 17 rolls of paper towels, each Twist & KLIIN capsule reduces our carbon footprint by being 18 times smaller than non-concentrated versions.

With the return of good weather, it is the season for walks outside, it is not uncommon for the occupants of the household – including our four-legged companions – to leave traces on our floors. Wet grass, dried mud, the expression “ecological footprint” takes on a whole new meaning!

Always anxious to develop products that meet our needs, KLIIN expands its range of bio-cleansers with two novelties specially designed for our pets:   
• Almond blossom fabric and surface cleaner
• Unscented odour absorber

A perfect complement to these novelties, the reusable paper towels with “Panda”, “Renard” and “Raton” prints are a sure success with wildlife lovers.

With the new Twist & KLIIN starter set, you don’t need a multitude of products to do the seasonal cleaning! From bikes and patio furniture to countertops and floors, the box includes all the paraphernalia needed to make the house shine, inside and out!

The assortment includes 3 reusable bottles, 3 Twist & KLIIN capsules, 1 roll of reusable paper towels (5 sheets) and a large-format reusable paper towel. 

KLIIN shines the next generation of artists

Always in tune with its mission to change the world, one reusable paper towel at a time, KLIIN continues to collaborate with local artists to promote local talent. This season, the brand offers two new collections based on creations by Elizabeth Gartside and Mallorie Brack.

Photographer and graphic designer Elizabeth Gartside signs 10 minimalist illustrations, inspired by Scandinavian designs and botanical and retro trends.

Graphic designer and illustrator from Montreal, Mallorie Brack transports us into her visual universe through three series of illustrations, Blooming, Terra Rosa & Citrus, available in white, grey and yellow. 

For camping and outdoor enthusiasts, KLIIN also offers KLIINs with the effigy of the PELICAN brand

Fans of sport and well-being are not left out, with the new designs: EXPLORE, WEEKEND, GRATITUDE.

KLIIN is available in three flat sizes: the small 6.75″ X 8″ (starting at $4.99), the large 9.5″ X 10″ ($9.99) and the very large format, which can be used as an absorbent carpet for drying dishes 12″ X 20″ ($18.99). KLIIN is also available in 5-sheet rolls of 9.5″ X 10″ ($9.99 to $11.99).

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