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Arsene Lupin

A film by Jean-Paul Salomé
Starring Romain Duris and Kristen Scott Thomas

As an urbane and very successful thief, Arsène Lupin (Romain Duris) has earned the ire of the Parisian police, as he continually evades and foils their every effort to rein him in. A gentlemanly crook, Lupin’s code of conduct has served him well over the years, as he only robs the homes of the wealthy and of other criminals. Over the course of his many adventures, Lupin meets Joséphine (Kristin Scott Thomas), a mysterious woman with curious abilities, and becomes involved in a treasure hunt.

OVID Exclusive!
SVOD Premiere

Ruth Stone’s Vast Library
of the Female Mind
A film by Nora Jacobson

After tragedy struck, acclaimed poet Ruth Stone retreated to the margins of the literary world, working tirelessly to provide for her children, and transforming her intense grief into poetry, using simple, startling language. Beloved by many, Ruth’s home in Goshen, Vermont became a mecca for her students, as well as poet friends and family members. This film hopes to acquaint more people with Ruth Stone’s poetry and the poignant tragedy at the heart of her oeuvre.
Renzo Piano
A film by Carlos Saura

 Carlos Saura celebrates the relationship between architecture and cinema as imagined by Renzo Piano, the Genoese architect who designed some of the most significant contemporary buildings in the world.
Introducing Author Selects!
 OVID has announced their newest offering! With OVID’s “Author Selects” series, they invite an author with a new book coming out to pick a film in OVID’s collection and tell you all about why they think you should watch it. In the first episode, writer and professor Adam Lowenstein (whose new book “Horror Film and Otherness” is being released by Columbia University Press on July 19) tells you a little bit about the remarkable Australian horror film Bedevil

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