Timescape @ Fantasia Film Festival

While there are plenty of b movie film moments in Aristomenis Tsirbas’s (Battle for Terra) latest film, Timescape, the heart of it won me over and it will you too.

Being a smart kid is not all it is cracked up to be. For young Jason (Sofian Oleniuk – first film) this is the case. He is just not understood by those around him. One day he stumbles upon a spaceship that crashed into a forest near his house. Inside the spaceship, he finds Lara (Lola Rossignol-Arts – first film), a young girl who came upon the craft just before Jason.

The two, who are a combo of smart and curious, attempt to move the ship, but in doing so they time travel to the age of the dinosaur. Or, to be more precise, the beginning of the end for dinosaurs. The beginning of what would be the extinction of dinosaurs. The two young people have come across a time machine.

Using the intelligent onboard computer, M.I.A., the two must somehow figure out how to repair the ship in order to stop an asteroid from wiping out all dinosaurs and so they can return to their lives in the 21st century. So they race is on against time – at two different times.

A Quebec-made sci-fi film aimed at the whole family. This is a rare occurrence. Filled with heart, fun, robots, spaceships, and dinosaurs. Featuring a message of the importance of friendship, hope and trust.

This is the film’s, that was shot in Rawdon, world premiere and it will be in theatres as of August 19th.

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