Follow in the footsteps of René Lévesque, the man who marked the history of contemporary Quebec like no other. Presented in the Quartier des Spectacles from August 24 to November 10, L’Espace René-Lévesque in Montreal: The Journey of an Exceptional Man highlights the hundredth anniversary of the birth of René Lévesque, born August 24, 1922, and part of the Lévesque Year, an initiative of the René-Lévesque Foundation. Along a journey composed of an exhibition, a video projection and a short documentary film, discover or rediscover the life and achievements of the man as much as the political figure.

This programme, developed by curator Daniel Fortin, is a collaboration of Espace René-Lévesque, which developed the heart of the programme, i.e. the exhibition and documentary component, the René-Lévesque Foundation, the Partnership of Quartier des Spectacles, Place des Arts and the University of Quebec in Montreal.

A three-step journey to discover René Lévesque

The exhibition is made up of eight zones that correspond to the major stages in the life of René Lévesque, the man who grew up in New Carlisle, in Gaspésie, as much as the journalist and the emblematic political figure that he has become. He profoundly changed Quebec and left achievements that mark our lives, even today. To enjoy a complete experience of this part of the journey, an explanatory narrative of the exhibition is offered free of charge in French and in English, to listen to on your smartphone.

The exhibition on the Promenade des Artistes is a reproduction of the Espace René-Lévesque, a museum-garden located in New Carlisle in Gaspésie. It was inaugurated in 2018 and is for the first time adapted outside its garden.

Continue meeting Mr. Lévesque at Place des Arts with the short documentary Quelque chose comme un grand homme, by Luc Cyr. Relive the shock wave that the death of Mr. Lévesque sent to Quebecers from all walks of life. It will be your turn to share your thoughts or your memories of Mr. Lévesque by testifying to how he has inspired you. A book is at your disposal to write your words in and celebrate his memory; it was designed by artist Josée Dessureault of Reliures d’Arts la Tranchefile.

In the evening, the video projection broadcast on the President-Kennedy pavilion at UQAM shows a deeply human and great René Lévesque, captured by the camera of the famous photographer Yousuf Karsh.

Every day, from August 24 to November 10, 2022

Exhibition at Espace René-Lévesque in Montreal
Walk of the Artists

Quelque chose comme un grand homme, documentary short film by
Luc Cyr

Book of testimonies to René Lévesque
Every day, from 12 p.m. to 8 p.m. A mediator guide will also be on site.
Cultural space Georges-Émile-Lapalme at Place des Arts

Video projection
Daily, from dusk to 11 p.m.
President-Kennedy Pavilion of UQAM

In addition, at all times
Bust of René Lévesque, by Paul Lancz
Hydro-Québec — Jean-Lesage building