Ingrid Yun (Arden Cho), a 1st generation Korean American and the first lawyer in her family, experiences the trials and tribulations of excelling at the prestigious (but old school) law firm, Parsons Valentine. With the support of her friends, she battles through workplace challenges to break through the glass ceiling on her path to becoming partner. But will her drive and ambition leave room for love?

  • Episodes: 10 x 60 minutes
  • Developed by: Georgia Lee
  • Co-Showrunners and Executive Producers: Georgia Lee, Sarah Goldfinger
  • Executive Producers: Kim Shumway, Kristen Campo, Tony Hernandez (for JAX Media), and Julie Anne Robinson
  • Directors: Julie Anne Robinson (101-102), Kevin Berlandi (103-104), Tanya Wexler (105-106), Lily Mariye (107-108), and Adam Brooks (109-110)
  • Series Regulars: Arden Cho, Bradley Gibson, Alexandra Turshen, Dominic Sherwood, Rob Heaps, Nolan Gerard Funk, Matthew Rauch, Roby Attal
Partner Track. Arden Cho as Ingrid Yun in episode 103 of Partner Track. Cr. Vanessa Clifton/Netflix © 2022
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