Perfect game for all beer aficionados. Brewpub Simulator was just announced on Steam

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Quit your day job, open a bar! Brew lagersstouts and IPAs, and serve patrons at your own brewpub. Decorate the place, create your own brands of beer, and expand into the best joint in town. All of this in a relaxing simulator that values creativity and passion for crafting. Brewpub Simulator utilizes an expansive economy system which allows the player to develop their pub.

Have you ever wanted to open a pub and serve handmade beers you crafted yourself? Now you do! Give new life to an old run-down brewery you inherited from your grandfather. Decorate it how you see fit, give the bar area a unique vibe, create your own recipes, optimize the brewing process and serve your beer to the customers.

Back in the ‘60s, your grandfather opened his business – a small brewery. His handcrafted beers quickly became popular among the locals and the business was booming. And then, the big companies came. The small brewery was forgotten and grandpa got off the grid for years. Now it’s up to you to restore the brewery to its former glory!

You inherit the brewery along with its vintage equipment. As time progresses (and money allows) you can start upgrading it, moving towards the modern methods of brewing different kinds of craft beers. Experiment with various ingredients to unlock new recipes and more advanced equipment.

Design your pub and create a one-of-a-kind place. One which will attract new customers and keep the returning ones. Serve your ever-improving brews to satisfy your patrons, earning you money and reputation. Master the realistic beer crafting mechanics, keep your kegs full, and never stop growing!

Can you make a name for yourself? Brewpub Simulator is planned to release on PC in 2023.