Spotlight on the visual artists of the 23rd edition

MUTEK is renowned for its eclectic and innovative musical selection that values plural electronic music but also for an attractive and immersive visual experience. 

If the scenography has been entrusted this year again to the brilliant Arnaud B. Ferris, we have entrusted the selection of visual artists to the talented VJ BunBun. At both the Society of Arts and Technology at MTELUS, you will be able to enjoy the live creations of twelve artists with styles as singular as they are captivating, nearly half of whom will make their debut at MUTEK.

Alex Vlair, BunBun, DATA DADA, Diagraf, Isotone, JS Baillat, Kaminska, KITANA, Line Katcho, Myriam Boucher, Stefano Gemmellaro et
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States of existence: the virtual gallery of the 23rd edition

The MUTEK exhibition brings together a selection of games, video, interactive, immersive, or using artificial intelligence by twelve artists from Quebec, Canada and internationally on until September 9, in open access.

Exploring topics such as the relationship to digital, online communities, marginalized identities, the future of intimate relationships, surveillance, dystopia or the impact of technologies on the natural world, these projects try to infuse more humanity into the vast universe of the Internet. 

Baron Lanteigne, Cadie Desbiens-Desmeules, Giovanni Magaglio & Leonardo Rubboli, Maize Longboat, Marilou Lyonnais A., Marion Schneider, Nancy Lee & Kiran Bhumber, Natalie Paneng, Neilson Koerner-Safrata, oOps.50656 Gyuchul Moon & Hwang Sunjeong, Thierry Loa, Yarli Allison

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The associated programs of the 23rd edition


Two double programs accompany you all week in the dome of the satosphere: L’alter-Monde, a film by Sandrine Deumier and Myriam Bleau, and Trial, a performance by CLAUDE and Shin Hyejin.
A 20% discount is offered to all passport holders at the SAT counter.
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Electric Totem

For this 15th edition, the productions Totem Contemporain and Le Vivier present 5 unpublished works by Myriam Boucher, Adam Basanta, Émilie Payeur, Carlo Barbagallo and Diego Bermudez Chamberland
Single rate of $ 10 instead of $ 22 for all passport holders
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It is on the wooded stage that Debbie DoePersonal Demons… and a surprise guest for the return of our collaboration with our friends from the Sunday Piknic! Also on the program: Regularfantasy, Farren Laen and Omar S.
Free for all passport holders
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