ROSIE – a film by Gail Maurice

World Premiere – Discovery Programme

A film about family, love and misfits, ROSIE tells the story of a young, orphaned, Indigenous girl who is forced to live with her reluctant, street-smart Aunty Fred (Frédérique). Rosie is thrust into the fringes of 1980’s Montréal into the care of Fred, who just lost her job, is on the verge of eviction, and who looks and sounds nothing like her. Fred, an artist who creates art from found and discarded objects or other peoples’ trash, introduces Rosie to her two best friends Flo and Mo, glamorous, gender-bending street workers. In the end, Rosie transforms the lives of these colourful characters and finds love, acceptance, and a true HOME with her new chosen family of glittering outsiders.

Cast: Mélanie Bray, Keris Hope Hill, Constant Bernard, Alex Trahan, Josée Young, Brandon Oakes, Jocelyne Zucco, Arlen Aguayo Stewart

Producers: Jamie Manning, Gail Maurice, Mélanie Bray

UNTIL BRANCHES BEND – Directed by Sophie Jarvis

World Premiere – Discovery Programme

Grace Glowicki (TIFF Rising Star 2016) plays Robin, a cannery worker who struggles to get an abortion. When she finds an invasive bug in a peach at work, she turns her focus toward proving to her community that the danger it poses is real. As her obsession alienates her from friends and family, she sinks deeper into her task. “Until Branches Bend” is a psychological drama about how trouble beneath the surface will always come to light.

Cast: Grace Glowicki, Alexandra Roberts, Quelemia Sparrow, Lochlyn Munro, Antoine DesRochers

Producers: Tyler Hagan, Sara Blake, Magali Gillon-Krizaj

Maya Annik Bedward – Director of LIDO TV

Director – LIDO TV

World Premiere

LIDO TV is a variety show with a mission: to help people cope in a world that feels like it’s falling apart. Created and hosted by Lido Pimienta, the award-winning Colombian-Canadian artist and musician, the series tackles themes ranging from feminism and colonialism to privilege and success, with unhinged sketches, inspiring interviews, immersive documentaries, original songs, and surreal puppets.