Camping Trip

Despite the fact that there were several things I did not like about the film, I still found it enjoyable. How is that possible you ask? Well, the thriller has a definite dark side to it and, for me, that is always fun. There are some strong shots and cinematography that make the woods it (mostly) takes place in an important aspect of the film. COVID-19 mixed with a psychological study of its effects on people is an intriguing mix, for sure.

This is the English language debut feature-length film for Leonardo and Demian Fuica. Plus Leonardo acts in the film, so the two brothers are obviously invested in the film.

It is the summer of 2020 and COVID-19 has people isolated. Tired of lockdowns and not being able to spend time with other people, two couples decide to go on a camping trip together. Both sets are looking forward to this change of scenery and the company. They think that it is going to seem that things are back to normal, but boy, are they ever wrong!

Even though they believe they are in a secluded area, Enzo (Leonardo Fuica – appeared in episodes of Transplant and The Dead Zone), Polly (Caitlin Cameron), Ace (Alex Gravenstein – Target Number One, Dark Phoenix), and Coco (Hannah Forest Briand – Fake Tattoos) soon discover that they are not alone. Including a dead body and two goons. The pandemic camping trip becomes anything but idyllic.

Shot during the pandemic, when it comes to that aspect the film really shows the sense of euphoria when people began doing “normal” things. Even something as simple as camping becomes huge. Tapping even deeper into the emotions and psychological effects of the pandemic on people is what the brothers bring to the table here. Has this time apart made us more self-serving, greedy and not caring of others because our survival instinct is so strong? That is what we delve into here.

This is obviously a small budget film and in parts, it shows, but they definitely manage to make lemonade out of the lemons they have been given.

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