LAYER | Milan launches, Red Dot Design Award, Best of NeoCon, and more…

Pendler E-Bike by LAYER Reimagines the Urban Commute

LAYER has recently launched Pendler, a compact urban e-bike. The innovative bike combines high-performance technology with a finely crafted aesthetic to create a new vision for urban commuting that aligns not only with a user’s performance needs for efficient travel, but also their lifestyle aspirations. The material palette celebrates natural materials that contrast with the performance-driven design, aligning two often disparate elements of the cycling world.

Pendler comes with several modular, detachable accessories that enable users to carry shopping and luggage, as well as a phone dock that offers safe and easy access to devices while riding. The compact wheelbase and relatively small 20-inch wheels allow for easy storage and travel on public transport, reducing the complexities involved in urban commuting. In keeping with this approach, the folding pedals and 90-degree turning handles facilitate storage in compact urban spaces where space is at a premium.

Connectivity Concept Wins Red Dot Design Award
LAYER x Deutsche Telekom Design
Connectivity Concept, a concept for a family of smart telecom products designed by LAYER in collaboration with Deutsche Telekom Design, has recently won a Red Dot Design Award. The collection has a sensitive visual language that complements home interiors and it comprises six products – a router, mesh repeater, set-top box/soundbar, camera, set-top box, and remote. Each device features gentle geometric forms, discreet interfaces, and is crafted from tactile materials that take inspiration from residential interior design.  

The concept launched in June during Milan Design Week 2022 at the INTERNI Design Re-Generation exhibition-event at the prestigious Università Statale, which was coordinated by INTERNI and co-produced with Audi, Plentitude, and Whirlpool. The concept was showcased in an immersive installation, Fractal, also designed by LAYER.
Rostrum Modular Sofa Launches at Milan Design Week 2022
LAYER x Prostoria
During Milan Design Week 2022 in June, LAYER launched Rostrum, an infinitely scalable sofa system with a sophisticated design language for Croatian furniture brand Prostoria. Rostrum takes its name from a raised performance platform – a nod to the slender legs that raise the seating elements above the floor. This elevated structure gracefully cradles the soft cushioning and reduces the visual weight. It also allows for the use of a minimal, lightweight, frame system that acts as a signature element across a range of CMF expressions. The intuitive functionality of the accessories – such as the simple swivel of the height adjustable table – complements the architectural forms. These linear forms are further emphasized by the ribbed detail of the dividing screens, which echoes the slender legs; while power is integrated seamlessly into the frame structure.
Sabot Modular Sofa Launches at Milan Design Week 2022
LAYER x Prostoria
During Milan Design Week 2022 in June, LAYER launched Sabot, a playful modular sofa system for Croatian furniture brand Prostoria. Sabot is an arrangement of abstract volumes supported by characterful timber feet that are a celebration of Prostoria’s woodworking capability. The modular sofa system takes its name from a type of simple, timber shoe – a nod to these wooden feet. The design language is inspired by residential interiors, and brings a strong identity to commercial spaces. Each module has a super-soft, friendly silhouette that floats above the exposed timber legs in a cloud-like way, and these modules can be combined to create linear or island configurations. The movable side accessories – including tables and dividers – mimic the floating language of these seating modules, while planters offer the ability to create green privacy screens.
Calma Collection for Andreu World Launches at NeoCon 2022
LAYER x Andreu World
The Calma collection of office chairs by LAYER for Spanish furniture brand Andreu World recently launched at NeoCon 2022 in Chicago. Calma is inspired by the home and crafted with care. The soft, gentle form is purposefully calm, challenging the often technical language of office furniture. The chair is available with a high or low back and there are mesh, timber, and upholstered versions that allow users to specify a chair that suits their specific interior setting.