Robo Revenge Squad drops now on Xbox and Nintendo Switch. Get it now and protect the Earth from evil machines in this 1-4 player arcade shooter.

A PlayStation version is in the works and will be available at a later date.

They came to take over the Earth. All they’re gonna get is a whooping!

Everything is a weapon! Fight alien machines using Robos made of everyday objects: fridges, disco balls, baseball bats, and more. Go into action alone or join forces with friends. The game support 1-4 player modes.

Kick metal butts! Sounds easy? There are big bad aliens along the way, and their bigger, badder bosses. There are puzzles and special objectives, from cranking carts to demolishing doom towers. And you also have to evacuate! Meet a worthy challenge in mission-based campaigns that end with boss encounters.

Find your play style! Do you prefer melee or ranged combat? Will you rely on basic attacks or special moves? Are you a defensive player, or a Leeroy Jenkins? Decide and jump straight into the action. Level up and unlock TONS of new gadgets, from weapons to special devices to cosmetics. Make your Robo yours, and only yours.