The Bright Light Social Hour feat. Israel Nash release “La Isla Bonita”

The recording debut of a revitalized lineup was released on streaming platforms interpreting Madonna’s 1986 classic “La Isla Bonita.”

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The Bright Light Social Hour is Juan Alfredo Ríos, Jackie O’Brien, Mia Carruthers, Curtis Roush, and Zac Catanzaro. Photo by Jaycee Grover

An Escondido Sound recording, this song marks the debut of a new lineup of The Bright Light Social Hour, the first recording featuring keyboardist/singer Mia Carruthers of Cincinnati, OH and percussionist Juan Alfredo Ríos of Monterrey, Mexico. The song is a duet between Carruthers and bassist Jackie O’Brien, and features backing vocals from Texas psychedelic folk star Israel Nash over searing slide guitar, reggaeton percussion and pulsating synth bass.

“During the pandemic I spent a lot of time in Mérida, Mexico, where I swear the Madonna track haunted me every day, playing out from passing cars and houses in the quiet city. I began to imagine a version with funky-ass beats and dirty synths, with Israel Nash’s gorgeous voice and Curt’s slide guitar dancing together in the chorus melody.

“Soon after, we began playing with Juan Alfredo and Mia, and it was the first new music we worked on with the new band. The result was absolutely hair-raising. I immediately fell in love with the new band and sound we’d just found.” –Jackie O’Brien

Iconoclastic in their mercurial sound, the band has released four studio albums including their 2015 masterpiece Space Is Still the Place and Jude I & II produced by Chris Coady (Beach HouseFuture Islands). Along with original soundtracks for HBOMTV, and Nintendo, the band was tapped by Bryan Cranston (Breaking Bad) to write and record the BMI award-winning theme for Amazon’s Sneaky Pete. Their legendary North American performances number in the thousands featuring Austin City LimitsLollapalooza, and Corona Capital, as well as support spots for Aerosmith, Osees, and The Flaming Lips.

The band is currently working on their fifth studio album in their lakeside production house.