Artist celebrates the beauty in schizophrenia, post-Covid return to life: The Fabulous Bestiary exhibition, August 30-September 30

Artist Alana Barrell‘s latest exhibition, The Fabulous Bestiary, is part of the Mental Health Ambassadors project; encouraging people with psychological challenges to further develop their artistic skills to work through disturbing emotions and move towards wellbeing. Post-Covid resumption of art classes reminds Barrell and all of us to live life to the Continue Reading

THE END OF WONDERLAND by Laurence Turcotte-Fraser – In theatres September 9

THE END OF WONDERLAND by Laurence Turcotte-Fraser An unusual dive into the daily life of a trans artist and fetish icon In theatres September 9 The End of Wonderland is the debut feature by filmmaker Laurence Turcotte-Fraser. The documentary follows Tara Emory, a veteran performer who has worked independently in the Continue Reading