Australian paranormal horror Surrogate, starring Kestie Morassi (Wolf Creek) and Jane Badler (TV’s ‘V’), comes to digital platforms this September.

Written by Beth King and David Willing, in his feature directorial debut, Surrogate tells of Natalie Paxton (Morassi), a single mother and nurse, who falls mysteriously ill and struggles to stop her family from being destroyed.

Louise Siverson (Prisoner, Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries), Taysha Furragia, Ellie Stewart, and Ellie Tevelis co-star in the unsettling spooker.

Konfir Kabo of Black Spade Productions serves as Executive Producer whilst David Willing, Vikki Blinks and Alice Chaston Produce.

“My favourite horror films are great pieces of drama then add the scares, such as Ring, The Others and The Exorcist, all of which influenced Surrogate,” says Willing.

Co-Writer King continues “The 4th draft performed really well in script competitions, we wrote 3 more drafts before production, taking the story to a much scarier and darker place.”

Director Willing says, “fans of horror and cinema alike can expect an exciting and terrifying ghost story with an intriguing mystery and plenty of scares in 90 minutes!”