The track boasts upbeat guitar curls around a punk-y groove before colliding with an intoxicating refrain. The track’s accompanying music video stars The Office star Creed Bratton, a personal friend of the band.

“After I sat in and played with Mt. Joy at the Greek Theater we established a friendship, and I was thrilled when they invited me to act in their video. Here it is, we had so much fun making it!” – Creed Bratton

“Evergreen is the shot of tequila on this record. It’s a love song about trusting what you have during times when the world seems to be changing faster than we can keep up. It’s hard, but I think the only times I’m truly happy are when I embrace the insanity around us and pound my chest just enough to believe that if we stick together, we’ve got all we need to make it to the other side.” – Matt Quinn

“Getting another opportunity to work with Mt. Joy was a real treat, and adding Creed Bratton to the mix was just the cherry on top. Working with Creed was everything you’d imagine it would be. He was the life of the party on set and elevated the entire concept. Conceptually, the idea was to watch as our protagonist attempts (and repeatedly fails) to find something that will give his life a sense of purpose. Eventually, by combining the learnings from all of his past failures, he finally discovers something that is evergreen.” – Francis Galluppi (Director)


1. Orange Blood

2. Evergreen

3. Roly Poly

4. Johnson Song

5. Don’t It Feel Good

6. Lemon Tree

7. Bang

8. Phenomenon

9. Ruins

10. Bathroom Light