Taylor Sheridan is one busy guy. Plus it seems like he has a deep obsession with the origin stories of the United States and cowboys. How those people became who they are. Whether in series like Yellowstone or The Last Cowboy or films like Hell or High Water or Wind River, he examines people in-depth. Takes a look at their behaviours, traits and outlook on life. Really his films and series, even ones like Sicario and Those Who Wish Me Dead, are character studies. People faced with great odds stacked against them trying to triumph…or at least survive.

Yellowstone, a series about a family of ranchers in Montana, has been a runaway success. I have not heard one person say a bad word about it. A series that has really captured the attention of the public. Now he is also behind 1883, which is a prequel to Yellowstone. Telling the story of what came before the Duttons of present day. This is always a risk. Risky because when you make a success and then create something that is linked to it, the public will have high expectations. Going in. Whereas Yellowstone started off with just the usual amount of pressure, 1883 was going in with a ton more. People would really take a microscope to the series. Yet, still, Sheridan has come away with a success. Because he seems to understand how to tell this type of story.

The origins of the Dutton family. Them travelling through the Great Plains of the land that would become known as the United States towards the last unknown frontier there. The Wild West. The story of the Duttons is linked/intertwined with the expansion of the United States. One family is going there hoping that their fate will be better than the one they leave behind. They are travelling to Montana.

You get quite a cast here with Sam Elliott (not sure about his politics, but he is perfect for this kind of series), Tim McGraw and wife Faith Hill, Rita Wilson, Billy Bob Thornton, and Tom Hanks. Plus we are introduced to the work of Isabel May, German actor Marc Rissman and Jordan Walker Ross.

In 10 episodes (that you will probably binge all at once), you get plenty of action. It is also emotional and genuine. All is pushed forward by moments of danger, decisions to be made, love, family ties, loss, challenges, and friendship. Powerful right from episode one and does not let up.

The only bad news here is that this will be the only season for this series. We only have the present day Duttons to look forward to more from.

Special Features:

  • Cast and Crew Interviews
  • A Land of Peril & Wonder: The Journey of 1883 – Featurette
  • From Cast to Cowboys: Creating the Pioneer Spirit – Featurette
  • 1883: The Road West – Featurette
  • Inside 1883 – Featurette
  • Behind the Story for each episode