In his latest book, Jimmy Nelson presents portraits of twenty Dutch communities wearing regional traditional dress and the environment that shaped them. It is his most personal book ever.

During the recent pandemic, which restricted travel across the world, Jimmy Nelson realized he didn’t need to travel to the ends of the Earth to discover outstanding human beauty. This insight gave rise to a new project much closer to home: Between the Sea and the Sky, a stunning art book and ode to the Netherlands, Nelson’s adopted fatherland.

The artistic voyage visits the last remaining traditional cultures in the Netherlands. The 528-page book explores Dutch heritage and traditional dress through intimate portraits and iconic landscapes captured using a tailor-made 10 x 8 analogue plate camera. The extraordinarily large negatives give the images that recognizable level of detail, while the contrast and depth create the effect of a romantic painting, subtly hinting at the work of the Dutch masters from the Golden Age. Nelson’s use of a relatively low perspective and natural light allow the images to emanate a sense of respect for both people and their environment. The loving portraits and iconic landscapes are complemented with reportage shots. As they walk, talk and dance before the camera, the people in the photographs present their way of life against their own familiar backdrop of harbours and golden dunes on the horizon or windmills in fields in the distance.

A carefully curated selection of images can be scanned with the free award-winning Jimmy Nelson app to unlock unique videos from behind the scenes and bring the images to life. 

In addition to the stunning photography, every chapter in Between the Sea and the Sky includes information about the history, myths and legends of each region. The texts are complemented with hand-drawn maps and illustrations of the most iconic symbols, mythical characters and natural elements. Together, they tell the story of the Dutch; a people who, for centuries, fought back the waves to protect their country, almost a quarter of which lies below sea level. A struggle that required incredible strength, solidarity and resilience, characteristics that, to a large extent, have shaped Dutch culture and identity.

Publication on 17 September 2022. Available at from 15 June (pre-order)