Killer Whales

A mocumentary directed by Brit Willow Hamilton (first feature film) about a young filmmaker trying to make the next big true crime hit film. But it is pretty much a disaster as he has no idea what to expect. It becomes so bad that the filmmaker himself might end up in prison.

Sounds wacky, right? Well, it is. Pretty much every moment is strange. While poking fun at how we now seem rather wrapped up in the whole true crime it also can be seen as a warning against the film world and how many allow there allow their egos to get out of control.

By accident Donny Wunder (Wyatt Bunce) comes across an unsolved crime. A murder. He decides to attempt to make a film about it. Due to the suspects in the murder and the unhinged director, Donny’s film falls apart and he ends up in jail.

After a year, Donny and the producers of the film sit down and talk about the disaster that was Killer Whales. It is during these discussions that the shocking truth comes out. You learn why Donny ended up in prison. Soon it is apparent that Donny is trying to bring his own reputation back to life by doing these interviews.

Quirky and a wild ride. From beginning to end. You will get twist after turn as the story unfolds. Not sure what most critics will think of the film but those who watch it will have a good time.