Singer  Lapelúda  will release a new  single  “You Are Safe” on September 20, a month preceding the release of her new album entitled Caídas.  

The songwriter, composer-singer and music producer Lapelúda dedicates her music to healing. Originally from Colombia and now Montreal-based, she released her first single “Hermanes ” in June 2022. Influenced by Latino boleros, this composition was intended to be a call to help and encourage support for victims and survivors of sexual abuse. 

“You Are Safe” was composed alongside Gabi Tomé and was born from the assimilation of three fundamental emotions: confusion, uncertainty and hope. These feelings represent the incessant cycles that only promise partial relief. The fact that her mentor  Rachel Therrien accompanies her on trumpet represents her aspiration to persevere in spite of all the obstacles and trauma.

This fall, Lapelúda will be releasing her debut album entitled Caídas. It will pick up where her two singles leave off, exploring life marked with post-traumatic shocks suffered as a result of sexual abuse. This first opus promises to offer softness and calm, all while remaining poignant.