Photo credit: © Kevin Calixte

Zab Maboungou, the Montreal philosopher and choreographer, presents ” Hâltérité “, human zoos and festivities. (according to a non-original idea of the author).

Founder of the renowned Zab Maboungou/Compagnie Danse Nyata Nyata, the artist-choreographer and performer, philosophy teacher and author, recipient of the Governor General’s Award, Companion of the Ordre des arts et des lettres du Québec, has distinguished herself on all fronts of artistic and cultural activities. Thanks to her works and her involvement in artistic and cultural development, she has managed to translate and implant another presence and another home for the imagination. His technique of movement, called loketo, unpublished, is today a model of the genre.  A unique journey that reflects an aesthetic of great poetic power

This ambulatory event brings together some twenty artists from dance, theatre, performance and literature. A work that takes a critical look at the cultural world (s)tration at work in our societies. The word of the artist: “You are invited to the festivities!”.


Company Dance Nyata Nyata
Choreography, scenography, dramaturgy and costumes Zab Maboungou
Artists / Performers (dance, theatre) Marie-Denise Bettez, Gerry Trentham, Jeanne Maugenest, Marie Gautier, Robert Wierzbiki, Joyce N’sana N’sana, Izaya Emmanuel Richer and Enoch Ezana Richer, Sékou Diando Conté, Cindy Elomo, Cindy Belotte, Diwele Molale Lubi, Darley Brizard
Special guests (literature and visual arts) Catherine Joncas, Blaise Ndala, Frantz Voltaire, Helena Martin Franco
Guides Nadine Mondestin, Martin Coutu
Hostesses Constance Aubry, Yvette Mbogo
Composition, musical performance and sound management Samito
Technical Director Greg Lambert
Lighting Designer Conrad Saint-Gilais
Co-production Agora de la danse
Creation residencies Agora de la danse