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Rick Pledges To Donate All Proceeds From the Sale Of His Guitar To

Save The Music Foundation,

Gibson Gives To Match Rick’s Donation

Gibson, the iconic American instrument brand, has shaped sound across generations and genres of music, becoming one of the most relevant, played, and loved guitar brands around the world. Gibson is proud to unveil the latest addition to its collection, the Rick Beato Les Paul Special Double Cut. Acclaimed record producer, songwriter, musician, and educator Rick Beato is well-known for his YouTube videos on Everything Music. Rick worked closely with Gibson luthiers to create the Les Paul Double Cut to his exact specifications. A striking new model in TV Blue Mist, the Gibson Rick Beato Les Paul Special Double Cut is available now at select global dealers and on

“I’m excited to launch this signature guitar because it embodies all the features, I’ve loved in the Double Cuts I play along with a new thinner and more resonant body,” says Rick Beato. “I’ve spent my life dedicated to music education. The fact that creating this instrument also allows me to raise money for the Save the Music Foundation was the final incentive I needed to be involved. This is a unique guitar that was built for a unique and timely cause. I hope you love it as much as I do.”

Rick Beato is dedicated to music education and has pledged to donate all of his royalties from the sale of his Gibson Rick Beato Les Paul Special Double Cut to the Save The Music Foundation. At Save The Music Foundation, music is core to the U.S.’s national recovery and young people’s mental health. Save The Music is delivering over 15,000 instruments to over 100 school and community projects nationwide for this school year. 

Gibson has a strong focus on supporting the global music community through the philanthropic arm of Gibson Gives which supports non-profit organizations in their efforts to advance musicians, youth-focused education, music, and wellness initiatives. Gibson Gives will match Rick’s charitable donation to Save The Music. 100% of all donations to and from Gibson Gives–a 501(c)(3) organization–go towards giving the gift of music. In the last three years, Gibson Gives has raised over $3.5 million dollars worldwide through its mission.

“Rick Beato is an inspiration to so many musicians and music lovers and we are honoured to have Rick Beato join our family of signature artists,” says Beth Heidt, VP of Cultural Influence Gibson Brands-Global. “We are on a mutual mission to support music education and ensure the opportunity to experience the arts is available to all students. Save the Music is a key partner of our foundation Gibson Gives and will make sure this access is provided to young musicians. It is a very special project for all of us.”

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Rick Beato knows great guitars inside and out and he shares his knowledge with over 3 million subscribers every week on his YouTube channel. Rick Beato’s new Gibson Les Paul Special Double Cut is designed to be something special. It features a double cutaway body that is slightly thinner (1.5”) than normal, making it lighter and more comfortable. The Tune-O-Matic bridge and Stop Bar tailpiece ensure excellent sustain and easy intonation adjustment, while the dual P-90 pickups deliver classic Les Paul Special Tones. For a distinctive look, the guitar is finished in a new satin nitrocellulose lacquer colour, developed with Rick, and named TV Blue Mist. Rick’s signature is reproduced on the truss rod cover; an original series hardshell case is included. Destined to be a fan favourite, the Gibson Rick Beato Les Paul Special Double Cut is limited to 500 units worldwide.

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Rick Beato is a record producer, songwriter, musician, educator, and YouTuber. His Everything Music channel on YouTube has over 3 million subscribers and his interviews include Sting, Pat Metheny, Brian May, Eric Johnson, Ron Carter, Victor Wooten, Tommy Emmanuel, John Scofield, Larry Carlton, Vinnie Colaiuta, Bernard Purdie, and Peter Frampton among others. Currently, Rick’s Everything Music has 10 to 15 million views per month and a total of half a billion views globally. Rick’s upbeat conversations with musicians that delve into the artist’s creative process, songwriting, compositions as well the genesis of hit riffs or melodies. Rick’s interviews are a celebration of an artist’s career as well as a lively discussion between two people who really love music.

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