Sudbest is coming back in style for its 2022 edition

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September 24 & 25, 2022

On September 24 and 25, Société culturelle « Les Survenants » will be presenting its new version of the hit event of 2022, Le Sudbest, located on the Lien Nord park on the Lachine canal (40 rue des Seigneurs behind Arsenal). With a high-calibre musical and artistic program, we will celebrate local talent along with varied and creative merchants.

The theme also will be that of commemoration. With the significant support of Canadian Heritage, this year’s Sudbest takes the time to highlight the impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic on citizens, merchants and artists by creating a thought-provoking version for its last edition of the year.

“The very idea of this event was born out of a reflection on the impacts of the pandemic and successive lockdowns on neighbourhood merchants. To take the time to commemorate the victims of recent years as well as to reflect on how much our world has changed seems essential to us as a new winter season approaches, thus announcing the end of the festive outdoor events that punctuated this magnificent summer.”

-Gaelle Cerf, president Société Culturelle « Les Survenants »

Commemoration goes through Art

On the program for Saturday, September 24, the official unveiling of unique creations will be held on the Sudbest site. L’Arbre à palabres, a monumental installation incorporating the texts and images of artist Elisabeth Cardin and produced by Machine design studio will encourage everyone to reflect on their story and their perception of their passage through the pandemic. Open to all, we will also admire Le Soi intérieur, a creation by Société Culturelle “Les Survenants”. In the shape of a hollow cube in which anyone will be able to sit down to take a moment (alone or accompanied) to reflect on the past few years and their impact, this installation will encourage reflection, contemplation and the sharing of experiences.

Go shopping along the Canal Lachine!

On the menu, a joyful panoply of merchants from the neighbourhood and surrounding areas will be there as usual, ranging from artisans such as Anyin Studio with its magnificent jewelry and Rawa Cosmetics with its skin products, as well as street food vendors, in a food truck or a kiosk such as the famous Boom J’s and Le Poutine Fest. We also welcome the presence of local distillers and microbrewers like Cirka, Les Sans-Taverne or 4 Origines with various wine, beers and spirits bars on the site. The list of vendors can be found here.

“A restaurant goes out, a community dissolves, loves disappear.  Then, the moon completes a few cycles, the energy finds its way back to the creative minds, and the community is suddenly reborn, brighter and stronger than ever, Montreal is magic, Montreal is resilience. We so deserve to be able to find ourselves in the street, in all the streets, to celebrate our gut and our strength. Happy Sudbest!”

-Elisabeth Cardin, author, redactor, illustrator, restauranteur

Let’s dance, let’s celebrate! 

Musical programming is far from being outdone with, decidedly, an unequalled grouping of local talents rallying Calamine, Joyce N’Sana, The Liquor Store, Vinny Bombay, Frase & Fawna, Hawa B, Vinyl Caravan and DJ Cidoine

Saturday, September 24

12h – Vinyl Caravan

14h – Speeches and Unvailing of art work

16h30 – Frase & Fawna

20h – Joyce N’Sana

21h30 – Calamine

Sunday, September 25

12h – DJ Cidoine

14h30 – HAWA B

16h – Vinny Bombay 18h – The Liquor Store

A beautiful place

The Parc du Lien Nord, located at 40 rue des Seigneurs in Montreal, behind Arsenal Contemporary Art and Hangar 1825, has become the Sudbest’s home base for two years now. Placed directly on the cycle path and at the foot of the Pont des Seigneurs, this central site is very easily accessible on foot or by bike. Located at the confluence of the districts of Griffintown, Petite-Bourgogne and Pointe-St-Charles, the park is an ideal place to come and laze with family, eat and have a drink with friends and discover the entrepreneurial gems that abound in the surrounding area in the Sudbest framework.

how to get to Sudbest

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