Available now in grocery shops across Quebec!

Chefs and entrepreneurs Stefano Faita and Michele Forgione, who recently celebrated the 5th anniversary of the Stefano brand, are proud to present their latest range of Italian-inspired products. In addition to sauces, pastas, frozen pizzas, meatballs and sausages, olive oils, vinegars, tiramis├╣ (and more!), their four types of soups are now available in all IGA stores in Quebec.

Tuscan Minestrone, Italian Wedding, Cream of Tomato and Chicken Noodle. Soups like our grandmothers’! Slowly simmered, like a homemade soup, right here in Quebec, with simple and good ingredients, they are ready to serve, and to eat! Another great alternative to make your life easier in the kitchen. They’re perfect for quick lunches, kids’ lunches, or comforting family evenings.

Tuscan Minestrone

A perfect example of the magic of Italian cooking, this Tuscan specialty (also known as Acquacotta or “baked water”) elevates a few humble ingredients like fresh vegetables, Italian tomatoes, beans and spices into a rich and generous soup. Plus, it’s vegan!

Italian Wedding Soup

No, Italian wedding soup is not just for weddings! Its name comes from the Italian minestra maritata, which refers to the marriage of flavours between vegetables, mini beef meatballs, acini di pepe pasta and a real bone broth. You’ll say “yes I do” to a second bowl!

Creamy tomato soup

Whole peeled Italian tomatoes, cream and organic Quebec Parmesan cheese. The texture of this soup makes it the perfect comfort food, ideal for dipping a grilled cheese sandwich into!

Chicken Noodle

This is their version of the world’s most popular soup. It’s made with simple, good ingredients, starting with a real bone broth simmered for a long time, just like your nonna used to make. Comfort in a bowl!