Photo credit: Angelo Barsetti

Choreographer and performer Lucie Grégoire reveals herself in Dérives, a mesmerizing solo imbued with presence, grace and poetry.

Drifts of a world in peril, inner drifts… Alone on stage, a woman inhabits the space, in intimate resonance with the vibrant music of Icelandic cellist Hildur Guðnadóttir. Like two currents coming from the same source, dance and music split and converge. Revealing her share of shadow and light, the choreographer sends us the echo of a humanity in disarray. Lucie Grégoire embodies with mastery this woman who navigates by sight between the pitfalls of a troubled present.


Choreography and interpretation: Lucie Grégoire
Music: Hildur Gudnadottir
Dramaturgy and sound editing advisor: Paulo Castro-Lopes
Rehearsal: Coach Dodik Gédouin
Lighting: Alain Lortie
Sound: Nicolas Borycki
Technical director, sound management and production direction: Judith Allen
Costumes:  Marilène Bastien
Communications: Laurie Perron

SEPTEMBER 28-29-30, 2022 — 7 P.M.

October 1, 2022 — 4 P.M.BLUE SPACE



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