Magnum works as an independent investigator on different cases. He gets help from his partner and former MI:6 agent Juliet Higgins (played by Perdita Weeks) and friends Rick (played by Zachary Knighton) and TJ (payed by Stephen Hill).

Based on the Magnum P.I. series from the 1980s starring Tom Selleck in the lead role, this one retains that mix of comedy and action. You still get a handsome lead, beach locations, plenty of sun, a fancy car, and two dobermans who don’t like Magnum. The only thing that has changed slightly is Higgins. Still an uptight Brit but this time a woman and not a man.

Magnum’s (played by Jay Hernandez) back story is that he is former military who served in Afghanistan and is back in the United States working as a private investigator in sunny Hawaii. Many of the crimes he gets involved in are not your run of the mill types. This season Magnum works on cases involving suicide, stolen golf clubs, ransomware attack, a judge being blackmailed, and a triple homocide.

While I was skeptical about this reboot in the beginning, I have to say it has really gown into its own over the course of the first four seasons. While it is based on the original series, this one has gone on to forge its own identity. The chemistry between Hernandez and Weeks is a big selling point. They are fun whenever together on screen. Entertaining with good balance in the cases, Magnum P.I. is the type of show where you can watch any of the episodes in any order and still enjoy.

All 20 episodes of season four are on five discs. It was cancelled by CBS after the season finished but NBC has agreed to pick it up for shortened seasons five and six. So the reboot of Magnum P.I. lives on.

Special Features:

-Gag Reel

-Deleted Scenes