The Equalizer: Season Two

Good thing to see that women’s life experiences are taking their place on the small and big screens more of late. Especially in non-traditional roles and even better when it is a woman of a visible minority. It is all about representation, folks. People need to see those that look like themselves in series and films.

Season Two of this Queen Latifah vehicle sees her character, Robyn McCall, begins with her dealing with the fallout of her daughter Delilah (played by Layla DeLeon Hayes) finding out what her mother does for a living. That her mother is the Equalizer. While trying to work still, Robyn tries to reconnect with her angry daughter. Plus the district attorney has double efforts to try and arrest the vigilante. With all this going on, she even wonders whether she should stop being the Equalizer.

But Detective Marcus Dante (played by Tory Kittles) brings her a case Robyn cannot turn away from. The case involves a gang of bank robbers and after looking into it a little they find out that the trail leads to the upper levels of the American government and U.S. Intelligence. Other cases crop up at the same time like a missing person and a teenager joining a gang.

Many will have watched the series back in the 80s and have moments of nostalgia while watching the new version. Here the Equalizer is a black woman who has a bit of a mysterious background and takes on cases to help those who have no one else looking out for them. To most Robyn is just an average single mother. That is how she maintains her cover.

Many of the cases feature timely subjects as they are based on things that are happening now. There is some action but still heart along with the steady acting of Queen Latifah. She is pretty much a known entity when it comes to her performances.

The four-disc set contains all 18 episodes of season two of the series which airs on CBS.

Special Features:

-Gag Reel

-Deleted Scenes