A parent’s love for their child. that bond will make people caple of things they never thought possible. Here a deaf Indonesian gangster, who is dealing with his own traumatic past, is going to fight tooth and nail (literally) to keep his son safe. His son is in danger because he has witnessed a big crime boss commit a murder. So now the father is going to have to fight people he formerly considered allies.

Plenty of martial arts here, so fans of it are going to lap up the action sequences with a spoon. Plenty of spins, kicks, cracking of skulls, flying teeth, and even a move called “Monkey fist”. The action you get here is very typical of the style featured in films from this part of the world. Some of it might be a little gruesome for film watchers over here, but should not be unexpected.

A former soundman who is now directing, Randolph Zaini has made a film which is flashy and funny (with plenty of dark humour) but at times falls into the overambitious trap of trying to do too much all at once. What is great is that this new guy behind the camera demonstrates that visually he knows how to construct and tell a story.

Special Features:

  • Original trailer
  • English subtitles for the main feature