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EL PLÁTANO MADURO STONEBRIDGE IBIZA MIX by the renowned GRAMMY-nominated artist, producer and Dj StoneBridge. The song is an energetic, pumping and euphoric dance mix of ‘El plátano maduro’ -a bachata by the acclaimed Latin music singer-songwriter Rafael Energía Dominicana. Stonebridge is known for his unique brand of sexy, groove-ladled beats to crowds throughout the world. He brings his legendary and esteemed style, remix sounds, production and vision to the song, blasting it into the house and dance universe for an all-night jumping party and tropical fiesta in Ibiza, the Spanish island in the Mediterranean well known for its nightlife and electronic dance music club scene.

The original bachata version of “El plátano maduro” is produced by Rafael and Leandro Mejía in the Dominican Republic and in Canada. It was inspired by Rafael’s childhood in Bani, Dominican Republic and features humorous double entendre lyrics. An animation video of the song is directed by Jorge Merino from Venezuela. It is selected as part of the upcoming 2022 Montreal International Animation Festival- ANIMAZE.

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EL PLÁTANO MADURO STONEBRIDGE IBIZA MIX releases on digital platforms on September 23, 2022:

Oye ke lindo suenaaaa!


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