NCIS Hawaii: Season One

Another offshoot of the highly successful NCIS series. This time the setting is in picturesque Hawaii. If nothing else, it starts off with an advantage just due to the visuals provided by filming in Hawaii. Like the others, here we follow a team of Naval criminal investigators working cases on the beautiful islands that make up Hawaii.

The team is led by the first female Special Agent in Charge, Jane Tennant (played by Vanessa Lachey). Those under her are a mix of native Hawaiians who know the ins and outs while others are transplants. She as well as the other members of the team have some adjusting to do. All this while trying to juggle the demands of their demanding and dangerous job with their personal lives/families. The cases they are assigned involve military personnel and are often issues of national security and involve the intricacies of Hawaii and its people.

While I am sure that some long time NCIS fans will have their complaints about this version, it is not all bad. There are several redeeming qualities which make it a worthwhile watch under the right circumstances.

Yes, some of the casting is off and acting is not the best. Also, some of the characters and stories are based on cliches. What I did like is the inclusive or diverse nature of the cast and stories. Same sex relationships, women in positions of power and more are represented here. Plus, you cannot really expect too much of an NCIS series. It really is just to entertain, not educate about geopolitics, history or investigation techniques of teams of Special Agents. Let’s be realistic! It starts off fairly shaky getting more and more interesting as the season goes on.

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