Get Your Teens Off Their Screens Courtesy of the Segal Centre

The best deal in town!

The Class Act Card is your gateway to just about everything at the Segal. For just $20 per ticket, you can get into the best plays and musicals Montreal had to offer. Make lasting family memories by gifting a class act subscription to the full-time students and people under 30 in your life

October 23 to November 13, 2022
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Here are 5 reasons to get a Class Act subscription:
1- Gets your kids off their screens and introduces them to the magic of live theatre. 
2- It’s super affordable! Only $20 tickets! Start with 4 and add more as you go.
3- Get the ultimate flexibility! Kids are unpredictable – this lets you get them when they’re in the right mood, see all the shows or just one production 4 times. And never struggle with FOMO again, they can share this package with a friend! 
4-  Get exclusive deals like 50% off Broadway Café tickets and 10% off refreshments and snacks.
5- There’s a show for everyone in the 2022-2023 season. Laugh, gasp, cry, vibe. You’re bound to find a new favourite.


October 19 to 30, 2022
This new family-friendly spin on the literary classic, Frankenstein confronts modern issues of climate change, artificial intelligence, and our relationship to technology… monsters of our own making!
For ages 7+ 
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