Noah Cyrus and Billy Ray Cyrus Join For ‘Noah (Stand Still)’




Following the release of her critically acclaimed debut album ‘The Hardest Part,’ and ahead of the start of her North American headlining tour on October 4, GRAMMY® nominated, multi-platinum selling artist Noah Cyrus shares her latest single: ‘Noah (Stand Still),’ a powerful and deeply heart-rending new song that features her father, Billy Ray Cyrus.
The song was written during her early recovery from Xanax addiction, following a visit to her father’s home in Nashville. As the world felt like it was crashing in on her, Billy Ray reminded Noah to feel the earth under her feet, get grounded with nature, and simply stand still. Advice passed down from generation to generation on her father’s side, a simple notion that when things become too overwhelming and life turns into a struggle, sometimes the best thing to do is nothing at all. That moment and those words of wisdom from her father were so life-changing for Noah, that she had it tattooed on her arm and wrote what became the opening track to her stellar debut album ‘The Hardest Part’.
‘Noah (Stand Still)’ recounts her early struggles with recovery and depression, while her father responds with only the love and the advice that a parent could. The results are a devastatingly powerful 3 minutes and 55 seconds that will leave listeners floored by Noah’s undeniable knack for writing deeply relatable, timeless, and heartfelt songs for all ages.

Already, Cyrus has accumulated an impressive 3 BILLION combined streams to datewith songs from The Hardest Part already amassing more than 50 MILLION combined streams and counting. In a whirlwind of loss, heartbreak, and chaos, Noah Cyrus grabbed the reins, took control of her life, and has been able to finally tell her story like never before. Today, the Nashville-born musician, singer and songwriter uncovers the kind of strength you only find from within and has shared it with the world through this heartfelt and deeply personal body of work that is both timeless as much as it is of the now. “These songs all mean so much to me—they’re straight from my heart, my brain, and my body,” Cyrus states. “Every song is important to the story, and for the first time I’m revealing my complete and honest truth.” Described as “a compact yet emotionally resonant collection of Laurel Canyon-recalling pop” by Rolling Stone who gave the album 4/5 stars, as did American SongwriterVariety praised that it “leaves the listener wanting more,” while Forbes hailed it “album of the year.”

It’s been 6 years since 22-year-old Cyrus first emerged on the scene, but as her music career continued to ascend, her well-being began to spiral just as rapidly. By the end of 2020, she had reached a crossroads. “I had a death wish,” she admits. “Soon after I started having all this music success I was introduced to downers, which gradually took over my life the next couple of years.  By 2020 I was at my lowest low—I was suicidal and in an unhealthy co-dependent relationship.  I was choosing drugs over my family, my friendships, myself—everything.  And when the pandemic hit it gave me an excuse to further isolate myself.  Anxiety and depression fully consumed me. I finally had a moment of clarity after I lost my grandmother. When she died, I wanted to be there for my mom, but was so emotionally and physically gone.  I felt an enormous amount of guilt and the whole situation made me re-assess a lot of my decisions the past few years.  Around the same time, I got out of my toxic relationship and weighed out my options—life or death. I wanted to find purpose and hope. So, I chose life.  I called everyone I needed to and asked for help. I did the work to get off the pills. December 15, 2022 will be my 2nd year anniversary, and I’m experiencing happiness and joy for the first time since I was a little kid.”

While she worked on herself, Noah also worked on the future. She welcomed a new team behind-the-scenes, wrote a slew of songs and hit the studio with producer Mike Crossey [Arctic Monkeys, Ben Howard, The 1975]. Guiding the vision, she dramatically expanded the sonic palette and oversaw arrangements, emphasizing the incorporation of instruments such as pedal steel and slide guitar. “Creating the arrangements was the most fulfilling part of this record,” she goes on. “Mike and I were so driven and fully engulfed in the music.  It was seamless—our brains connected into one.  I found a safe place to make music with people I love and trust. The process was really healing for me.”
On October 4, Noah and her band will be embarking on her North American headlining tour starting in Phoenix, AZ and making 23-stops in total. Noah is also confirmed to perform at this year’s Austin City Limits Festival. For more information go to:

Noah (Stand Still)
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Hardest Part
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I Burned LA Down
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