Barry Avrich’s The Talented Mr. Rosenberg broadcasting on The Passionate Eye on CBC and CBC GEM

Written and Directed by Barry Avrich (Made You Look, Prosecuting Evil)
Co-Produced and Co-Written by Courtney Shea 

The Talented Mr. Rosenberg will make its broadcast debut on
The Passionate Eye, at 9:00 PM, Friday, October 21 on CBC and CBC GEM.

The Talented Mr. Rosenberg is a tragic, lurid, and revelatory look into our oh-so-susceptible selves, and an appalling and unfathomable investigation into the mind, motive, and method of a life-long con artist — and the victims, family and lovers who fell for his cons over and over again.

In the tradition of films such as The Tinder SwindlerCatch Me if You Can, and Inventing Anna, this topical new documentary chases down Albert Rosenberg, an audacious entrepreneur and infamous scam artist. How did he convince banks, art galleries, his wives and girlfriends, and elite investors from Monaco to Toronto that he was a sophisticated, cultured tycoon with millions to spend and endless business schemes — and how did he get away with it for so long?

Written and Directed by
Barry Avrich 
Co-Producer / Co-Writer
Courtney Shea
Executive Producers
Mark Selby
Barry Avrich
Produced by
Caitlin Cheddie
Mark Selby
Barry Avrich, p.g.a.