The Irish in Canada is the podcast exploring the lives and legacies of Irish immigrants and their Canadian descendants.  The podcast was created and is researched, written, and narrated by Jane McGaughey, the Johnson Chair of Québec and Canadian Irish Studies at Concordia University’s School of Irish Studies.  ​Thanks to funding from the Canadian Irish Studies Foundation, le gouvernement de Québec, and Concordia University, Jane gives short, entertaining insights into histories of the Irish in Montreal, Québec, and the rest of Canada.  The show is edited and mixed by Patrick McMaster and produced by Marion Mulvenna.  The theme music was composed and performed by Dr. Kate Bevan-Baker and the logo was designed by Claire Macaulay.

The first season of The Irish in Canada has nine episodes, available weekly throughout the Fall, each with a different theme or personality at its centre.  While you may recognize some of the content from your general knowledge of Canadian or Irish diasporic history, other episodes may reveal a history you’ve never heard before.

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