The Ocean Duck

A beautiful animated short by directors Huds Razzak and My Anh Ngo brings to viewers that wave of nostalgia that comes when you visit grandparents or other older people. How these memories have led to you becoming the person you are now. An important thing and something we need to be reminded of occasionally.

The film uses a poem, inspired by a poem written by Persian Rumi Masnavi, about a duck – an ocean duck – to tell its story. Lyrical and beautiful to look at with animation that suits the words.

A young woman goes to the hospital to visit her elderly sick grandmother during a flood. On the visit waves of memories about the past. Memories of a poem her grandmother loved about an ocean duck and how she and her grandmother baked a cake together. The duck has been raised by a group of chickens. This is despite her true home being the ocean. It is about grief, love and the bond of family members. How powerful memories can be.

The animation is a combo of hand-drawn 2D and puppet animation. The aesthetic is totally Persian. The look and tone. Will remind you of the illustrations in books from that part of the world. Really allows for a concrete theme to be told in an abstract way.

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