A season that starts off strong and then fades only to find a second wind at the end. I think this way is the best way to watch shows – all at once or as the kids call it, binging. The second season of the latest Star Trek edition, Picard had a strong enough first season and continues to please in season two.

The ten episodes of season two will I am sure will have Trekkies’ tongues a-wagging. Some will love, and some will hate. With a series like this where there is a rabid fanbase, you can never make something that will please all.

Even this far into the character’s arc, we learn a couple of new things about Picard this season, see a new ship, travel to Los Angeles, and see a new Borg Queen. Most of these things work and will add to your enjoyment of the series. A series which is at the dawn of its final season before we get a whole new reinvention.

Special Features

The U.S.S. Stargazer

– The Château

Picard Props

The Trial Is Over

Rebuilding The Borg Queen

Picard Passages 

-Deleted Scenes

-Gag Reel