Ukrainians in Exile

Shot on the Polish-Ukrainian border, this short film by Janek Ambros (Mondo Hollywoodland) follows a Ukrainian woman and her story of the invasion by Russia. She is trying to get her family to safety while hoping that other countries will help to take care of Ukrainians forced to live in exile. Her voice serves as the narrator for the scenes unfolding before our eyes.

In the border town of Przemysl, Poland we see the refugee crisis this invasion by Russia has caused. Shot in March 2022, it really gives a perspective from amongst the refugees as to what is going on and how they are subsisting. Przemysl has seen hundreds of thousands of refugees flood into it due to its location. Tens of thousands were arriving each day at this time.

The purpose of a film like this is to sensitize those sitting in other parts of the world comfortably in their living rooms watching. That we will be encouraged to welcome these refugees into our own countries.

The short will begin to be screened at different festivals in the near future.