The romantic adventure of Claire and Jamie continues. It is season six and still fans are begging for more. That should not come as any surprise as Diana Gabaldon’s sprawling novel series in incredibly popular and she is set to release the 10th book.

The Frasers are living in colonial times in America. This season sees them striving to keep the peace (easier written than done) in their little patch of the world. Claire is extra preoccupied as she knows that the colonies are moving towards the Revolutionary War. Right, the historical time is the edge of the birth of America as a nation. Separate from the British. This is precarious for the Frasers who live in Fraser’s Ridge. It is a parcel of land granted to them by…you guessed it…the British. Of course they want to hang on to it.

There is still plenty of giddy up still left in both story and cast. Neither has become tired. Plus the production values remain very high. Meaning it looks great to your eyeballs. It is great to see a show not afraid of evolving. It has not clung to what got it here. Despite the worry, I am sure, that fans might turn away. It really is the nature of the time travelling story, though. Eras change so characters, costumes and storylines must as well. Remains an entertaining watch that does not task your brain too much.

Special Features:

-Caitriona and Sam’s Original Auditions

-Exclusive 28-Page Book

-Digital Copy

-2 Outlander Untold Scenes

-Sneak Peek from Diana Gabaldon’s Book 10 in the Outlander Series

-Deleted Scenes

-The Shootout at Fraser’s Ridge

-Episode Commentaries

-A Look Into the Animation: Outlander Untold

-2 Blooper Reels

-Family Matters: The Ghosts of Trauma