JUNO and Platinum award-winning Bedouin Soundclash is dropping a new album on October 21 on Dine Alone Records aptly titled We Will Meet In A Hurricane. There is such a cool story behind this release and a friendship that has endured through thick and thin. On the cusp of a resurgence, while on tour supporting their last record MASS, (recorded in New Orleans & Vancouver with the Preservation Hall Jazz band) the duo’s plans were quashed by the pandemic, like many others, right as momentum was cresting.

After their time apart and a lot of self-examination and reflection, Bedouin co-founder and bassist Eon Sinclair booked an open-ended trip to join Jay Malinowski in BC with the hope of reigniting their powerful synergy and creative spark. In the middle of a pandemic, the duo found themselves right back to when they first met at Queen’s U, playing songs in a room with just a bass and guitar. Armed with new songs, they reunited with Dine Alone Records, where they had kicked off the incredible ride that followed the massive hit, ”When The Night Feels My Song” from their Platinum selling record Sounding A Mosaic.

Co-produced by Jay Malinowski and Colin Stewart (The New Pornographers, Destroyer, Dan Mangan, Black Mountain), the buoyant and soulful new record finds the beloved duo digging back into their musical roots, steeped in the border-bending sounds Bedouin is known for. A very cool remix dub ep with Darryl Jenifer is on the horizon plus the new record features some VERY cool vox guests.